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What is GSN°«s role°©

What is GSN°«s role°©

With the donations we receive from individuals and corporations, GSN will deliver microinsurance products--especially those needed yet only scarcely provided--to the people who require them most in developing countries. Through such activities, GSN will work to promote the availability and understanding of microinsurance around the world.

GSN has picked four types of microinsurance products that are deemed the most valuable to the poor in developing nations - 1)°°health insurance, 2)°°life insurance*, 3)°°disability insurance, and 4)°°car accident disability insurance. For example, with only 500 yen a month, in India 8 families can be covered (medical benefits up to about 14,000 yen a year). If more people buy microinsurance its premiums can be reduced and it can become more affordable.

*In GSN°«s policy, credit life insurance which is mostly offered as a condition for the personal loan will not be included in our choices of life insurance products.