Microinsurance is a very small-size insurance policy for the poor. The product is very simple and the premium can be as low as less than a dollar per month. Yet, this small microinsurance can make a big difference for the lives of the poor in developing countries. Although the poor in these countries are exposed to higher risk of illness or injury, potentially rendering them unable to work, support themselves and their families, etc., no reliable social security system is available to them. When these crises hit the households, the poor have no choice but to borrow from money lenders who charge very high interest, which commonly leads them into the spiral of poverty. With microinsurance, however, the poor don't have to borrow from illegal loan sharks, sell their assets, or sacrifice their kids's education because the insurance policy can absorb financial shocks caused by various events in their everyday lives. GSN is engaged in an activity to raise funds to provide microinsurance coverage to the poor and help them realize a measure of financial stability.

GSN selects the area and type of insurance on your behalf.
Minimum required donation US$5.00 a month.

You select the area and microinsurance product you would like to give


2012/11/27 16:35
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